longhua temple shanghai china

Checking out Longhua Temple, Shanghai

If you're in Shanghai and have seen all the iconic sights, or are looking for somewhere a little more peaceful, you might want to check out Longhua temple.

As the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in the city, with an unexpectedly bloody history and with its pagoda famously featuring in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, there's a lot to discover.

Come read, get inspired by some temple street photography, and learn more about Longhua before you go yourself.

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the #leesixtyfive project

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 91 – 120

The 4th chapter of the #leesixtyfive project is complete!

It hasn't been easy though, and certain difficulties have led to a small change in the creation process. We're not stopping though, and evolution and learning are both good things.

Come see what happened as this 365 photography project reached 33% completion.

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Sebastian Jacobitz street photography

Get Your Work On: Sebastian Jacobitz

Sebastian Jacobitz is a street photographer from Berlin, Germany, and this is his submission for the Get Your Work On series.

It features a set of images from Berlin's Ku'Damm shopping street, taken with a long exposure and a flash. I don't shoot using this technique myself, so it's great to feature the work of someone who does, and who does it well.

Come check out Sebastian's photography and see how you can #GetYourWorkOn too.

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rule of odds street photography1

Using the Rule of Odds in Your Street Photography

There are certain photography types, looks, and styles that fall out of fashion and can make your work look dated at some point in the future.

And then there are eternal composition tips that pre-date photography and will never not be effective. The rule of odds is one of those.

Come learn what it is, why it works, when to use it, and when not to. It can help you improve your street photography from today, and that improvement will last forever more.

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yashica digifilm y35

Why I Like the Yashica digiFilm Concept

Although the Yashica Y35 digiFilm project reached its Kickstarter goal very quickly, it's been dismissed by many as silly and pointless.

As someone who backed the campaign, I thought I'd stick my head above the parapet and talk through what I like about the concept.

Some of what I think may turn out to be wrong once the cameras ship, but that doesn't matter. This is merely an honest view from where I am right now.

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Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f1.7 Lens Review

The Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f1.7 has always had a reputation for sharpness; ever since it was first produced back in 1973. But how does it stack up today when used on a digital body?

The short answer is 'pretty well, actually'. The longer answer can be found in this comprehensive review. It includes a brief history of the lens, a report on its build and image quality, my opinion on using it for street photography, and of course some real world test shots.

Come read and learn more about this popular and inexpensive vintage lens here.

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Automate Your Blog Social Media for Free with RecurPost

Being a photography blogger means making photographs and usually writing something about them too. However, that doesn't mean shooting and writing are the only things you have to do.

You also need to get your work seen. There's nothing revolutionary about telling you to do that via social media, but could you be doing it more efficiently? If you're posting everything in real time then yes, you could.

RecurPost allows you to set a recycling schedule of posts, and you can use it for free. Once set up it'll leave you with more time for doing what you really want to be doing - creating your masterpieces. So come learn how.

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The Beach and the Beer – a Qingdao Film Photography Essay

Qingdao is synonymous in China for its beer, but there's more to the place than drinking. Having said that, the Tsingtao brewery and beer street *is* a must visit if you're in town.

So too are the beaches.

So with a single roll of Ilford Pan 400 to work with, I focused this photography essay on those two things - the beach and the beer. Come see how it turned out.

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The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 61 – 90

Photographs 61 - 90 of the #leesixtyfive project are done, which gives me the chance to write you another update.

While the last edition talked about the 20-mile march, this one put it into practice due to me hitting a bit of a wall creatively. The motivation to make photographs waned a little but, thankfully, the desire to not quit the project prevailed.

Come read more about what went down, see the photographs the month produced, and get inspired to work on a photography project of your own.

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Film-aged Shanghai by Lu Yuanmin – a Photography Book Review

Film-aged Shanghai is a collection of street photography by the city's own Lu Yuanmin, shot on monochrome film in a Lomo LC-A.

The photographs themselves are good. Some are very good. But it's the body of work as a whole that interests me - photography projects and books are always greater than the sum of their parts.

Come see how Film-aged Shanghai can inspire you with your own future photography projects, and maybe even your future photography books, in this review.

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Selling Your Street Photography on Print-on-Demand Websites

If you're not selling your street photography on any print-on-demand websites - and have never considered doing so - then I'm going to suggest you should be.

I'm also going to tell you it's not a get rich quick scheme. Think of it as a piece of your overall long-term money making strategy.

It requires some time in the beginning to get everything uploaded. Sales might be slow. But, for me, doing it is better than not doing it. Come learn exactly why.

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Get Your Work On: Mambo Ferido

Another edition of Get Your Work On and another great addition to the growing number of submissions.

This one features the beginning of a project by Mambo Ferido, a street photographer based in Singapore. Having chosen a theme, Mambo is now working to make his project a reality.

Come see what that theme is, why it's important to choose one, and how doing so can help you take your street photography to the next level too.

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Captivating Color – a Photography eBook Review

If you want to improve your colour street photography, it's essential to understand what makes a good colour photograph.

It takes more than just shooting in colour. You need to know how to deliberately use colour. The question is how, and some of the answers lie in this Captivating Color eBook.

I always want to improve my street photography, which is why I picked it up. But did it help me? And can it help you too? Come find out in this review.

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365 project leesixtyfive my favourite lens

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 31 – 60

The #leesixtyfive project has passed another milestone, which means writing up another blog post.

This one covers photographs 31 - 60 and features some rambling on the Antarctic explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, and Instagram hashtags. You're going to have to come read it to see how those topics line up.

If you're doing or thinking of doing a 365 project yourself, the message in this piece can help keep you going. I mean, it's not like you're trekking to the South Pole, is it. Is it?

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Strong Opinions Loosely Held and the Death of the Fear of Success

I wrote a post before about whether success was - or could be - scarier than failure. I genuinely believed it was. And then I heard a statement that instantly turned that opinion on its head. It killed my belief in it. And that's a great thing.

We should all be willing to change our minds if new evidence convinces us our opinion on something might not be right. Strong opinions loosely held. That's the gist of this post.

Come read to see what the statement was that made me realise my opinion had been wrong.

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