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Automate Your Blog Social Media for Free with RecurPost

automate blog social media for free with recurpost

This guide to getting started on RecurPost contains affiliate links. When they are clicked and lead to a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

As a photography blogger wanting to get noticed, making great photographs and writing great articles to go with them isn’t even half the battle.

You need to then get your work out there so people have a chance of seeing it and caring.

Telling you to use social media for this is hardly revelatory, but you might not be doing it as efficiently as you could.

After all, less time spent on social media means having more time for shooting, writing, and producing whatever other content you do for your photography blog.

Scheduling and automating social media posts helps massively with this.

I use RecurPost to automate sharing the posts from My Favourite Lens.

I’ll tell you why, and then I’ll tell you how you can set up a quick and easy schedule of your own.

Why I use RecurPost to schedule my social media posts

The short answer is because:

  • it recycles my schedule
  • it’s free

There are plenty of social media scheduling services you could use but I don’t know of any others that provide both the benefits above.

I used to use Buffer but found it a pain to keep topping up my schedule. On the free plan, I could line up 10 posts to go out at some point in the future.

And once they’d gone out, they really had gone out. 10 posts later, the schedule was empty and I had to fill it up again.

Another service called Edgar allows you to create a library of posts that would never expire. When something went out, it would then go back down to the bottom of the queue until it was its turn again.

It sounded great. I’m sure it is great. The only problem was the price. Right now it’s $49 per month, with no free or even cheaper plan available.

It’s $49 or no dice.

And then I found RecurPost.

RecurPost offers the schedule recycling feature of Edgar and has different pricing tiers; including a free one.

RecurPost vs Buffer vs Edgar

Before I go on extolling the virtues of RecurPost, I want to be fair and give both Buffer and Edgar the credit they deserve.

They do both offer things that I’m not getting for free with RecurPost.

For example, if safely scheduling Instagram posts is important to you, Buffer can help. You can schedule your posts in Buffer and let it line them up for you to post later.

The app will load your photograph to Instagram, copy your text to your phone clipboard, and send you a reminder.

Instagram doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to post on their platform, but Buffer will do everything it can before you physically confirm the post yourself – hence the safely aspect of it.

There is no Instagram functionality on RecurPost.

If you have a huge amount of content and are making enough income to justify paying the $49 a month, or are an agency running other people’s social media accounts, Edgar might be a better option.

Their price includes an unlimited number of posts in your library, help in setting up your account, and even a social media strategy call.

The RecurPost price tier that gives an unlimited library is $50, and doesn’t appear to include either of those customer service extras.

So if you’re at an enterprise level or are looking for Instagram scheduling, RecurPost might not be for you.

I’m just a photography blogger who can’t justify spending $49 on social media scheduling and doesn’t plan ahead enough on Instagram to need a scheduler.

If you’re in a similar position, you’re the kind of person I’m recommending RecurPost to.

Getting started with RecurPost

Creating an account on RecurPost is pretty much the same process as anything else you’ve ever signed up for.

At this stage you can use your email address, tell them your name, enter and confirm a password, and tick the box that says you’ve read the terms and conditions even though you probably haven’t.

You’ll most likely get an email asking you to confirm you’re a real person creating the account.

Click the link in that email and you’ll be ready to start using RecurPost to automate your photography blog social media posting.

To help you set up a basic schedule, I’ll walk you through the following steps:

  • linking your social media accounts
  • creating a library of posts
  • scheduling them to go out

Linking your social media accounts to RecurPost

The free plan from RecurPost allows you to connect 3 social media accounts to post to.

These 3 choices can be across Facebook profiles, pages and groups, Google+ profiles and pages, LinkedIn profiles and companies, and Twitter.

Linking your social media accounts to RecurPost is quick and simple.

Head over to the Social Accounts tab, click Add Social Accounts, and select the ones you want your posts to go out to.

You’ll need to agree to the permissions, as is standard when connecting any app to your social media.

Once that’s done you’re ready to start adding some posts to your content library.

Adding posts to your RecurPost content library

Clicking the Content Library tab will take you to the next step in scheduling your photography blog posts with RecurPost.

By setting up multiple content libraries, you can separate your social media posts by category.

I use this to make sure there’s a good mix of posts going out and not a flood of posts on just one topic.

If you have updates with daily themes, such as #motivationmonday or #throwbackthursday, you can set up libraries for those and schedule them for their relevant days.

When you click on Add new library, you’ll be given the opportunity to name it and choose a colour for it.

The colour just helps you more easily see what’s going on in your calendar later.

Once you’ve created a library, clicking on it takes you inside where you can click Add an update and start adding your posts ready for scheduling.

One tip here is to add the link to your post before writing anything.

If you type before posting the link, RecurPost won’t pull the image and description for your post.

I don’t know why this is. It just is. 🙂

Creating your schedule in RecurPost

The final step in creating your basic schedule in RecurPost is to head over to the Schedule tab and fill up the calendar.

You can see how mine currently looks here, with posts going out from different libraries each day.

It’s set to post just once per day, although you can add more if you want.

To add an update to your schedule, click on Add new schedule.

On this page you can choose which content library you wish to add, which day to add it to, and which social media accounts you want it to be posted to.

You can also choose the time you want the post to go out, or let RecurPost choose what it thinks will be the best time for it.

In the example below, I’ve added another post to go out on Mondays and am ready to add another for Tuesdays too.

Further features of RecurPost

By following the steps above you can have a basic RecurPost schedule set up in under an hour.

Building out your content libraries will take more time; especially if you’re putting some effort into writing enticing captions and using relevant hashtags, which you probably should be.

There is an option to add updates in bulk, however.

Once you’re happy with your schedule, there are some more RecurPost features you could dig into.

Going to the Feed Manager tab allows you to add RSS feeds for blogs you follow.

This then pulls in any new posts which you can edit the description of and then add to your schedule quickly and easily.

If you regularly share other people’s blog posts, this can be a huge time saver.

Of course, you can also add your own blog’s RSS feed and have any new post of your own added to your schedule too.

I recommend adding RSS updates to a one-time library. That means the posts will go out once and then be deleted, as opposed to being recycled.

There are also a few native plug-ins that allow you to shorten your links, automatically replace certain words with hashtags, and import settings from previous social media tools.

Final thoughts on using RecurPost for your photography blog

Whether to schedule or automate your Twitter and Facebook posts or not can be a bone of contention.

Isn’t the idea of social media to be social?

My take is to do and be both. To schedule and be social too.

If a task can be automated and the result is no different to doing it yourself, I think it’s good to automate. Nobody cares if the Twitter post they see was scheduled or sent out in real time.

What can’t be automated is the replies and conversation that happens around them. And around other people’s posts too, for that matter.

I don’t think software like RecurPost should replace your social activity, because that takes away your personality. Your social presence then becomes robotic.

But if it can augment your genuine social presence then why not use it? Especially if that frees you up to create more for your photography blog.

The mantra is to schedule your posts in advance and reply to people in real time.

If you’re a solo photography blogger who doesn’t have the need to pay for an enterprise level solution, RecurPost lets you do that for free.

I use it.

Maybe you could be doing so too.

If you have any questions about RecurPost, ask away in the comments below or on Twitter and I’ll do my very best to answer them!

And if you’ve found this guide to using RecurPost useful, why not help others out too by sharing or pinning it?

Give yourself more time to shoot and write by automating your photography blog social media with RecurPost. Come find out how in this in-depth guide.

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