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Get Your Work On: Patrick Schoenmakers

Get Your Work On: Patrick Schoenmakers

I recently received an email from a fellow photographer who goes by the name Patrick Schoenmakers.

In this email, Patrick explained how, while looking for places to shoot while in Shanghai, he’d come across My Favourite Lens.

This had led Patrick to visit the Shanghai 1933 Slaughterhouse I’d visited and mentioned in this post, but not published any pictures of.

But now, thanks to Patrick contacting me about being featuring his subsequent photographs as the very first Get Your Work On post, we finally have some pictures of this unique Shanghai location, as well as some other from around the city.

An afternoon in Shanghai

“My name is Patrick Schoenmakers and I am from the Netherlands.

Although I have been photographing regularly for a few years now, I’ve just recently started to get into street photography.

In that respect I am very lucky to travel quite a lot for my job to various big cities around the world.

A little bit over a year ago I was looking for a compact camera, that I always could have with me on my travels and I bought the Fujifilm X100T.

Although I had to get used to just having one focal length instead of a zoom, I quickly fell in love with this formidable camera.

So much even that 6 months ago I decided to sell my Canon body and three lenses, so now this Fuji is my only camera.

Last week I was in Shanghai for a short stay and had some spare time to go out and spent an afternoon on the streets of this metropolis.

Although the weather wasn’t really cooperating, I had a good time being out there and left again with the pictures shown below.”

Shanghai Restaurant

Chinese Tea Shop

Fog Pudong Shanghai

Urban Landscape Shanghai

Chinese Chess

Chinese couple the bund shanghai

Shanghai Urban Fishing

Shanghai Slaughterhouse II

Shanghai Slaughterhouse III

Shanghai Slaughterhouse I

Shanghai Slaughterhouse IV

Lee’s thoughts

I think Patrick’s set from his afternoon in Shanghai can be broken down into four smaller sections.

The first of which, which starts with the beautiful image at the top of this article, looks at a few local businesses.

A couple of cityscapes are up next. Personally, I really like the grainy shot across the river of the Pudong skyline shrouded in fog.

Of course, Shanghai’s streets are teeming with life, which makes the city a great place for some street photography.

The set ends with Patrick’s shots from the aforementioned Shanghai 1933 Slaughterhouse.

I do like the atmosphere in a lot of Patrick’s work. The grainy monochrome paints a particular picture; especially with the misty river, the weird, Escher-esque walkways of the 1933 slaughterhouse, and the final shot of 3 foreboding wooden doors.

Some of the best photography is that which you can interpret your own story from. Patrick certainly achieved that with some of the shots featured here.

All of these pictures first appeared in this blog post on Patrick’s own site.

You can find more of his work on Flickr, or the gallery section of his site.


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