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Three Hong Kong Street Shots

hong kong waterfront street photo

Images shot with Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8

The last couple of posts (I recommend you check out the last one btw – Is Success Scarier than Failure?) have featured some images from a trip I took to Hong Kong earlier in the year.

Not wanting to drown those words in pictures though, I had some left over. And then I didn’t really know what to do with them. I didn’t really have much to say to go along with them, so they went unpublished.

I think my favourite recently-discovered photography blogger right now is Keenan Hastings. I wish I had his consistency more than anything. Still, a few lines in his latest vlog (from around the 7:45 mark) made me get this post done today.

“… I think we forget how important it is to put our work out there […] and get stuff out of our hard drives…”

There was also a mention of a book that has gone straight onto my reading list – Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon.

Be it blogs or books, there’s definitely a lot of great and inspiring work out there to help me – and you – get posting more frequently.

I’m certainly appreciative of the motivation Keenan gave me.

These Hong Kong street photos

That top image is from Victoria Harbour, a.k.a. the Hong Kong waterfront. Pretty sure I was thinking about the lines when I shot it.

The railings to the left and right and the wall in the middle, all leading the eye to the girl in the top corner. Focussed on the guy in the foreground, though.

No reason not to post it.

The next comes from a street corner later in the evening.

street photography reflections

Full-height glass windows, illuminated billboards, mannequins, passers-by, reflections.

The kind of scene where if you take enough shots you’re going to get something worth publishing under one banner or another. So that’s what I did.

Not sure if it’s a beautiful mess or just a mess.

But it’s better here than on my hard drive, right?

The final one is a kid coming out of an underground McDonalds.

I think I was probably fishing. Lining up the lines and waiting for someone to step into the scene. Pretty cool kid though – he returned my smile and thumbs-up after I took the shot.

monochrome street photo boy

So, three leftover street shots from Hong Kong. I wasn’t sure how to publish them, until I heard someone pretty much say ‘just publish them’.

Sounds so obvious now.

And I suggest you do the same with that set of images you’ve also been sitting on for no reason.

p.s. if you watched Keenan’s vlog I linked earlier you’ll see it was really mainly about the new Instagram Stories update.

Come say hello to me on mine here @myfavouritelee and Keenan on his here @keenanrivals

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