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Khao San Interrupted

khao san road bangkok

with Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8

Khao San Road, Bangkok.

It’s been done.

Countless times.

As have many of the tourists who go there.

I still remember the first time I went there, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Some things (people) excited me; others really, really didn’t.

And yes, I did fall for the tuk tuk scam.

“Oh, that place you’re going to? Yeah, closed mate. King’s Buddha Birthday-day. Get in me tuk tuk, I’ll show you a better temple anyway. Hang on, you know what? I’ll take you to them all. Yeah mate, for a ridiculously cheap price. You look like you need a new suit anyway.”

“Oh, right. Good job we found you. Would’ve looked stupid otherwise, going to this shut temple…”

I still see people, when I go back, falling for the same trick.

First time in Bangkok, lads?

Tuk tuk

Khao San Road photography

The first time I visited Khao San Road after getting into vintage lenses, I tried to get some pictures of the scenes with my Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8.

I wanted to capture the real essence of the place.

The Same Same vests, the daytime drunks, the stupid trousers, the street food, the Chang t-shirts.

The whole Khao San Road market; be that clothes, souvenirs, or meat.

The pictures you see here are the result of that day.



khao san road tattoo



Khao San back street

Perhaps you’ll notice that there aren’t actually that many photos, and that a few of them look quite similar. i.e. mannequin heads.

That’s because my day of photography was unexpectedly interrupted.

However, before it came to its premature end, I did walk down a back street parallel to Khao San Road.

It allowed me to add a bit of variety to the set.

buddhist fingurines


bangkok graffiti dove

Cat on a motorbike

The cat on the motorbike was the beginning of the end.

As I headed back onto Khao San Road proper, I heard someone calling my name.

It’s always a touch worrying when that happens and you don’t think you know anybody in town.

I turned around to see a friend from Shanghai sitting there with a beer.

Just like that, my day of taking pictures – and this photoblog – was over.

I maintain, it wasn’t my fault.


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Khao San Road, Bangkok. I started my day with the best intentions. I'd take my time, stalk around, capture the essence of the place, maybe (probably) have a few drinks after I'd finished. Unfortunately, my day was interrupted by a familiar voice and face. This small set of images is what I got before that happened. Expect Same Same vests, daft trousers, braids, and a cat on a motorbike.


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