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Knowing When to Quit Your Blog

Knowing When to Quit Your Blog

Images shot with Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8

The last post I wrote on here was a decently sized travel essay.

It’s from a trip that I really enjoyed taking and features a lot of photographs that I really enjoyed making.

However, both of those things happened almost a year before I got around to writing the post.

And when I was writing it, I felt like that girl in the photograph up there.

Just researching the information was tiresome.

So if I’m not enjoying doing this blog anymore, is it time for me to quit?

If you’re not enjoying your blog anymore, is it time for you to quit?

monochrome street photography reflection

Should you quit your blog?

There’s no way I can answer that question for you, but I can say this.

If you’re not enjoying your blog anymore, then think why that is.

Are you not enjoying blogging at all, or are you just not enjoying how you’re blogging?

Because if it’s the latter, there’s no reason to quit when you can pivot instead.

Write about something else. This post has nothing to do with the last one I wrote.

That was a photo essay of a trip to a rural Chinese village. This one is asking whether someone should quit blogging or not.

I’m writing it because that’s what I want to write just now.

People change. They evolve and grow. That includes you, and that means your blog can change, evolve and grow with you.

So long as you don’t quit it at the first sign of boredom or burnout.

Perhaps burnout is what got me. Perhaps I’ll one day have the motivation to write meaty travel photography essays like Costumes and Countryside again.

I hope I do.

monochrome street photography suitcase

Evolving your blog > quitting your blog

This website looks nothing like how I originally pictured it would.

The direction it’s taken has been a mix of deliberate choices and simply writing about what I wanted to write about, even if that was different to what had been written before.

You can always introduce a new theme or topic on your blog. Your readers won’t think badly of you. They’ll either like it or not care.

And once you’ve written 5 or so posts on a new topic, it won’t look out of place anyway.

Everything you’ve written before, even on things that you’re no longer interested in writing about, will always be there.

Just don’t quit your blog if you can evolve it instead.

I’ve been sitting on these monochrome pictures for 6 months because I wasn’t sure how to present them. What words to put with them.

They’re just some lazy shots I took with the Super-Takumar 55mm f1.8 one day in Hong Kong, so there’s no real story to tell.

However, they are doing a nice job of decorating this post; this post that I’m only writing because the blog is evolving.

If I quit instead, you may never have seen them. You certainly wouldn’t have read this.

So, how can you know when to quit your blog?

When you’re sure you’re done and it’s the only option left.

If you’re just burnt out or bored of your topic and can evolve it instead, do that.

Please, do that.


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