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Nanchan Temple, Wuxi, China

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Images shot with Super-Takumar 28mm f3.5

Man do I like a good temple.

Whenever I go somewhere new, at least one temple usually makes it onto my list of things to see.

I don’t pray. I don’t light incense.ย I just like going to them. I like the buildings, I like the statues and iconography, and I like the atmosphere.

I like how I always feel better having visited.

Time spent in a new place without visiting the temple is like leaving an itch unscratched.

The Nanchan temple scratched it in Wuxi, China.

nanchan temple wuxi china

wuxi china nanchan temple

nanchan temple pagoda wuxi china

Unlike some temples in China, Wuxi’s Nanchan temple is free to enter and explore.

However, there is a small charge (10rmb) to climb the pagoda.

It’s worth it.

Inside you’ll find graffiti-covered walls and steep and rickety stairs.

You’ll know you’ve done a decent climb once you reach the top.

If you do it in the midday heat of an August day like I did, you’ll also be very sweaty.

It’s worth it.

The views of the temple and the surrounding city are pretty good.

Take your camera.

monochrome wooden stairs

temple graffiti china

monochrome buddha silhouette

monochrome buddha chinese graffiti

monochrome temple yard

Practicing some urban landscape photography

I never used to do much landscape photography until I got the Super-Takumar 28mm f3.5.

That was probably because my other lenses, at 38mm and 55mm, weren’t really wide enough. I was always looking at smaller details through those, and neglecting the vistas.

Since getting the 28mm though, and pushing myself to use it more, I’ve been enjoying figuring out the landscape thing.

This eBook gave me a lot of pointers on composition – especially on having something of interest in the foreground as well as a nice background – although I’ve clearly still got a lot to learn.

We always have a lot to learn.

And whether in photography or life, we need to always be aware of that.

wuxi china nanchan temple view

wuxi china city

wuxi china landscape

In conclusion

Nanchan temple is a good place if you’re in Wuxi and need to get your temple fix.

Be sure to pay the money and climb the pagoda also. It’s a great spot for trying out some urban landscape photography of your own.

If you’ve been yourself, or plan to, let me know in the comments below.

And leave us a link to the pictures you take / took there too.

Let’s get some eyes on your work. ย ๐Ÿ™‚


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Nanchan temple in Wuxi, China, is as good a place as any in the city for some photography. Monochrome urban landscape your thing? Then come take a look!


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