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Recommended Resources

lee webb on motorcycleTravelling, shooting photographs with vintage lenses, and sharing them with you here means using certain products and services along the way.

This in turn means I can recommend a number of them to you, to help you reach your own goals.

These may be in:

  • improving your own photography
  • buying your own vintage lenses
  • creating your own website

Every resource listed on this page is something I use or have used before and recommend to you based on my own experience.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you do use them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Having said that, I’m only recommending products and services that I believe they can help you. And that’s the most important thing.

Creating your own website

Web hosting

Every website needs a host. From the many, many hosting options available, I use FatCow.

They’re very cost-effective and I’ve always found their customer support to be wonderful. Very prompt, helpful, and quick to fix the minor issues I’ve had.

I also like how FatCow run all their offices and data centres on 100% wind energy.

We could all do more for the environment, and choosing a sustainably powered web host like FatCow is another way to reduce your carbon footprint.


Image editing

Whatever the topic of your blog, great images and visuals are more important than ever in getting and keeping people’s attention.

I use both Photoshop and Lightroom on My Favourite Lens; the former for header images etc, and the latter for general touching up of photographs.

People always look for alternatives, stating Photoshop and Lightroom are too complicated and too expensive. I disagree. You don’t need to learn everything – just the features you’re going to use. Automations and presets can then make things even simpler.

I also think the industry leading software is the safest one to learn in terms of being future-proof.

And with a Photography plan featuring PS and LR starting from under £10 or $10 a month, it’s not going to break the bank.

Go take a look.



Monetizing your blog

For an easy way to add affiliate links and monetize your own blog, Skimlinks is a good option and what I use for my eBay and Amazon search boxes, as well as other links.

The great thing about Skimlinks in particular is that it allows the search boxes to be geo-targeted. This means when a visitor to your website uses one, they’ll be sent to their local eBay or Amazon site and you won’t lose out on the commission.

Signing up yourself through my link will help me without taking anything from the earnings you make yourself on the platform.



Stock photography

If you need stock photography for any of your projects or want to license an image you have seen on My Favourite Lens, please take a look at what I have available on both Alamy and Picfair.

I don’t upload every image I take to these sites, but there is still a wide variety there, with some already having been deemed good enough to be used in travel brochures and other marketing materials.

Go find the perfect image for your own project.



Improving your photography and mindset

Transcending Travel

We can always improve our photography, but we don’t always have the time or money for classes. This is where eBooks are a goldmine of knowledge and improvement.

As outlined in the review I wrote, I took a lot of good advice from the Transcending Travel eBook I picked up from Digital Photography School.

If you’re heading off on a trip soon yourself and want to come back with the best possible photographs, Transcending Travel can definitely help you.

And being an eBook, it won’t take up any space in your luggage!



Create or Hate

Improving our photography isn’t just about developing greater technical skill. We can also get better by exploring and tweaking our mindset.

Again, books are a fantastic way to do this, allowing us to consume the information and motivation at our own pace and in our own time. A short, sharp, kick up the arse kinda offering, Create or Hate is one eBook that I took a lot from.

You can read my review of it here or go check it out on Amazon here.


Buying vintage lenses, camera gear, or anything else

eBay – the eBay search box appears in a few places on my site but I’ll put it here as well. If you’ve been inspired to pick up some vintage lenses of your own, eBay is the best place to look online.

The easiest thing to do is write the name of the lens in the search box below and hit enter.

Amazon – is of course the place to go when you’re looking to buy something brand new. I’ve been using a Sony NEX-5N for years now.

Although the model has been superseded a few times over, the Sony NEX range is still a great option for mirrorless cameras. Use the search box below to find yours on Amazon today.