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Improving your photography with vintage gear and a creative mindset

lee webb on motorcycleThere are countless places online that can help you improve your photography.

They'll teach you technical things like camera settings, which new lens is the sharpest, and how to process your photographs to within an inch of their lives.

All of which are very important, to some people.

But I'm looking at other ways to improve my photography.

Ways that actually interest me.

Using vintage lenses and film is one. Because learning to shoot well with old gear can only help you make better photographs with anything else you shoot with in the future.

Looking at mindset and mentality is another. Because what goes on in your head is just as important as what goes on in the camera - if not more so.


I'm Lee - a 30-something year old from Mansfield, UK - and this is my place to share my progress as a photographer, as a writer, and as someone who wants to help others with their creative output too.

One hope is that I'm on an upward curve.

The other is that, by following along, you will be too.

So, please, dive in.

What are you interested in?

Vintage Lenses

Film Photography

Travel + Street

Mindset + Improvement

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