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Hello. I’m Lee…

lee webb on motorcycle

... and I blog about photography.

Sometimes I write about vintage lenses and film. Other times I write about the travel and street photography I do with them.

I'm just producing work that I enjoy producing.

I'll never claim to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to vintage lenses or film and I know I'm not the best travel or street photographer in the world.

But that's fine. There's no fake it 'til you make it here.

Not when we can actually make it 'til we make it instead.

We. You as well as me.

I want us all to get better with our photography and blogging.

So as well as creating my own work, I also write posts based on my experiences that I hope can help you with yours.

Go look, enjoy, and perhaps even learn something too.


What are you interested in?

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You can also say hello on social media. If I'm on a platform, it'll probably be @myfavouritelee - Twitter and Instagram are the best places to find me.



p.s. if you're looking to start or grow your own photography blog, these are the top 3 tools I use myself and recommend to you