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Sebastian Jacobitz street photography

Get Your Work On: Sebastian Jacobitz

Sebastian Jacobitz is a street photographer from Berlin, Germany, and this is his submission for the Get Your Work On series.

It features a set of images from Berlin's Ku'Damm shopping street, taken with a long exposure and a flash. I don't shoot using this technique myself, so it's great to feature the work of someone who does, and who does it well.

Come check out Sebastian's photography and see how you can #GetYourWorkOn too.

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Get Your Work On: Mambo Ferido

Another edition of Get Your Work On and another great addition to the growing number of submissions.

This one features the beginning of a project by Mambo Ferido, a street photographer based in Singapore. Having chosen a theme, Mambo is now working to make his project a reality.

Come see what that theme is, why it's important to choose one, and how doing so can help you take your street photography to the next level too.

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Get Your Work On: Dmitri Tcherbadji

You've probably noticed that a lot of street photography is presented in high contrast monochrome, but have you ever stopped to wonder why?

It's now pretty much an accepted 'street photography look', but what are its origins? How and why did this look become a thing?

Dmitri Tcherbadji has a theory. It goes back decades, and stems from film photographers having to overcome a technical issue with their gear. Come read and learn what that is.

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Get Your Work On: Mitchel Lensink

This edition of Get Your Work On features Mitchel Lensink's landscapes from his hometown of Amersfoort, in The Netherlands.

Mitchel typically hits the streets after the rain has stopped to take advantage of the puddles. The process - using reflections to creatively shoot a small yet distinctive Dutch town - produces a look that I now find instantly recognisable.

Come see how Mitchel is carving his own niche and how he hopes to get his work into people's hands and not just onto their screens.

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An Afternoon in Shanghai | a travel photography guest post from My Favourite Lens

Get Your Work On: Patrick Schoenmakers

The first edition of Get Your Work On My Favourite Lens features a set of images taken by Patrick Schoenmakers in Shanghai.

Capturing different sides of life in the city, it's a varied and sometimes atmospheric collection that I'm very happy to share with you. There are images here I wish I could call my own.

Come take a look, and remember to give Patrick some nice comments at the bottom if you think he deserves some.

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