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Strong Opinions Loosely Held and the Death of the Fear of Success

I wrote a post before about whether success was - or could be - scarier than failure. I genuinely believed it was. And then I heard a statement that instantly turned that opinion on its head. It killed my belief in it. And that's a great thing.

We should all be willing to change our minds if new evidence convinces us our opinion on something might not be right. Strong opinions loosely held. That's the gist of this post.

Come read to see what the statement was that made me realise my opinion had been wrong.

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Is Success Scarier than Failure?

Surely not. Everyone's scared to fail. That's why we never do anything, right? If we knew for sure we'd succeed, we'd have finished already and be wallowing in rewards and adulation.

Spoiler: I disagree. The concept of success being scarier than failure is not a new one, but it's something I've been thinking about recently. I wanted to explore it from my own perspective. So I did. Hopefully, I guess, with some success.

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Am I an Artist? | a blog post from My Favourite Lens

Am I an Artist?

What makes someone a writer? Simply writing things? A photographer? Taking photographs of nothing in particular? An artist? Doing... art?

To my mind, it's hard to say if someone really can *be* something just by doing something. If I play football with my friends, I'm not a footballer. Having had a photograph accepted and placed on sale on an 'art' website though, is that enough for me to describe myself as something I never thought I would be able to?

Am I an artist? Let's see.

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The Rice Bucket Challenge | a vlog from My Favourite Lens

The Rice Bucket Challenge (video)

There's a good chance that you threw a bucket of icy water over your head sometime in the summer of 2014.

If my Facebook feed was anything to go by, it's more likely you did than not. I got nominated too but, for reasons that I think should be pretty obvious, I forewent the common theme and gave rice to some monks instead.

It all got a bit awkward when neither me nor them really knew what was going on, but I still felt better for doing it.

This... is The Rice Bucket Challenge.

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lee webb under studio light

Learning to Learn

Signing up for photography classes by Franc Peret is one of the best decisions I ever made, but there was a doubt in my mind beforehand whether I even should.

I didn't know if I could justify spending the money on the course, having just shelled out for a new camera. Then I read an article that changed my life and the way I think about pretty much everything.

I signed up soon after and will always be thankful that I did. The course taught me more than just photography skills; it taught me the value of education at any age, and helped me evaluate the time I spent as a teacher too.

Come on in and see exactly how.

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