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The Beach and the Beer – a Qingdao Film Photography Essay

Qingdao is synonymous in China for its beer, but there's more to the place than drinking. Having said that, the Tsingtao brewery and beer street *is* a must visit if you're in town.

So too are the beaches.

So with a single roll of Ilford Pan 400 to work with, I focused this photography essay on those two things - the beach and the beer. Come see how it turned out.

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Shooting Ilford Pan 400 in Shanghai

More film photography, right here. And this time we're shooting monochrome.

Ilford Pan 400 is a film available in Asia. It's not expensive, but does that make it worth buying if you're in the area? Or even getting some shipped if you're not?

To find out, I shot some Shanghai street photography with it. Here, in this very article, you can come see how it turned out. Come one, come all. Come on. Come in.

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Yuhuan – a Film Photography Essay

Yuhuan is a small, industrial city on China's east coast. I don't think many people go there for the sightseeing.

I went there for a Chinese New Year and took my charity shop film camera and two rolls of Ilford Pan 400. I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to present Yuhuan as I saw it.

This film photography essay is the result of that. Come take a look.

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Shooting Ciqikou with the F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8

I'll always say the F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8 is a great vintage lens for your street photography.

It's small, which keeps it discreet. It's inexpensive, which means you can pick one up without feeling guilty. And the image quality is really good, which is really the most important thing.

I shot with mine in Ciqikou, in Chongqing, China. Come see how it went here.

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Loving the Yashica Yashinon 45mm f1.7 in Wuxi, China

A short trip to Wuxi seemed like the perfect chance to get some more shooting in with the Yashica Yashinon 45mm f1.7.

Still getting back used to the focal length, I needed the practice as much as I wanted photographs I thought good enough to post here.

I got both, and with a lens that I loved shooting with. Come see, come read, come find out more. :)

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Testing the Olympus Supertrip in Shanghai

Another new old camera, bought for £1.99 in an English charity shop, and a roll of the only film they had in Tesco. Taken to Shanghai and tested out in the winter sun.

The images I got are presented in this article. There aren't that many of them but what is here is worth seeing. I wouldn't have shared them otherwise.

So come take a look and see how a camera that cost less than the roll of Kodak ColorPlus inside it fared on its first outing (I presume) in China.

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Testing the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 @ Airport Square, Chongqing pt. 2

The remainder of the shots from Chongqing's Airport Square, shot on Kodak ColorPlus in the Canon Sure Shot AF-7.

It was my first time trying film street photography so I wasn't sure what to expect. Especially as I didn't know if the camera was working properly or not. Once I'd got the images developed I was pleased with how they'd turned out, although I may be a little biased.

If you want to judge for yourself, come on in and do so. Thanks.

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Testing the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 @ Airport Square, Chongqing pt.1

We need to be honest here. Chongqing's Airport Square is in no way a place you should ever visit. Chongqing the city certainly is. But spend your time seeing the good stuff in the city centre.

That said, Airport Square was good to me. It provided a nice little location to test out my new old camera - the Canon Sure Shot AF-7. The question is, how did the shots turn out?

The answer is in this post. So maybe you should come on in and find out. Please. Thanks.

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Shanghai Disneyland Street Photography

A day out at Shanghai Disneyland, with all the expected crowds and activity, seemed like a good opportunity to shoot some street photography. So I packed my camera and went to my first, and at the time of writing only, Disney park.

Having read some negative press about the whole park experience beforehand, I was unsure how exactly the day would go. What I felt more sure about was my chances of coming back with some images worth sharing here.

As you're reading this, that's what happened. So come on in. Check them out. And let me know what you think of them, and how your own theme park street photography went if you've ever tried any yourself!

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Nanchan Temple, Wuxi, China

Visiting a temple is always high on my list when I go to a new town or city. Not to pray, but to just go take a look. Just to see if it's a nice temple or not, really.

One bonus of doing this is I always feel better when I leave than I did before I went. Something about the buildings, statues, and iconography I suppose.

Nanchan temple in Wuxi was pretty nice, and climbing the pagoda meant I could get some urban landscape shots of the surrounding city. So that's another bonus of visiting temples. Being able to share the photography with you. Don't leave me hanging. Come take a look.

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Three Hong Kong Street Shots

A small set of images left over from the previous two posts. I didn't have any reason to publish them before, apart from 'to just get them off my hard drive and onto my blog'.

However, I got some words of wisdom that made me realise that's actually a great reason to publish them. Come take a look. Especially if you're struggling to get your own work out there for whatever reason.

I can't promise words of wisdom of my own, but I will point you in the direction of the ones that helped me out.

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Costumes and Countryside in Xijiang, China | a photoblog by My Favourite Lens

Costumes and Countryside in Xijiang, China

Sitting in China's southern Guizhou province, Xijiang minority village is a popular spot to take in some local Miao culture, and to enjoy the relative peace and fresh air.

With traditional wooden homes built on the hillsides, picture postcard bridges, a river flowing gently through the valley, and plenty of residents and tourists happy to pose, it makes for a highly photogenic trip.

Want to see exactly how this looks when shot with a vintage camera lens? Well then come on in and take a look.

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Behind Bars in Shanghai

Another article with photographs shot around a single theme. Despite the title, none are taken in prison. Although wiseacre metaphors with modern life can be drawn if you wish.

Walk around any city with a photographic theme in mind and you'll always find things to shoot. This is what I came up with after walking around Shanghai with the idea of Behind Bars in my head.

Come take a look. Digest it. And get inspired for your next photography set centred around a single theme.

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Hong Kong Taxi

Toyota Crown Comfort.

In red.

Thousands of them in Hong Kong.

I didn't take one.

I just took a photo of one.

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Visiting Chongqing’s Luohan Temple

Chongqing's Luohan Temple is probably best known for the 500 clay arhat figurines from which the complex takes its name. It's also a calm oasis in the middle of one of China's most populous cities.

While not the most photogenic temple I've ever been to, it's certainly worth a visit, should you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood. Which I would recommend you try to make happen, as Chongqing was a pretty cool place to visit in its own right.

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