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Vintage Film Lightroom Presets Pack

Vintage Film Lightroom Presets Pack

Looking for Lightroom presets that give your digital photography a cool vintage film look?

Because that’s what we have right here.  😀

Buy now, or read on for more information.


There are lots of reasons to love shooting film.

The careful selection of scenes to use your exposures on, the anticipation of waiting to see how your shots turned out, and the classic look of your photographs once developed.

Sometimes, though, you may want to achieve that last one without having to go through the first two.

Not to try to fool anyone into thinking you’re shooting film when you’re not, of course.

But maybe you have a client who wants a film-style aesthetic to the digital shots you took for them.

Perhaps you just want to have some fun with some images you took for yourself.

The reasons are numerous, which is why I’ve put together this Vintage Film Lightroom presets pack.

Featuring 30 colour and 30 monochrome presets, it allows you to give your shots a vintage, grainy film look at the click of a button.

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Vintage Film Lightroom presets aesthetics

The presets in this pack aren’t designed to mimic any types of film in particular.

They’re designed to give your photographs an aesthetic you just like without worrying about how you think they should look.

The pack contains 20 base presets and each of them has three options – low grain, mid grain, and high grain.

The examples here have been processed with Street Contrast LG, MG, and HG presets.

Click to enlarge and use the arrow key or swipe to cycle through and check them all.

What follows is the mid grain sample of all 20 presets in the Vintage Film pack.

Low grain and high grain versions of all these are included in the download.

Again, click an image to enlarge it, and use the arrow key or swipe to cycle through and check them all.  🙂

Vintage Film Lightroom presets ease of use

The Vintage Film Lightroom presets pack has been carefully created to make it easy for you to find, choose, and remember the best preset for the photographs you’re editing.

Other preset and filter sets I’ve used bring the following issues:

  • a seemingly random order with no logical flow through the set
  • presets stacking on one another and mixing together when applied
  • random names that are unmemorable and give no clue to the look the preset will give

Jumping between different styles as you go through a preset pack makes it more difficult to decide on the best one for your image.

That’s why the presets in the Vintage Film pack are grouped together and sequenced logically in an order that allows you to cycle through and see the gradual differences between them.

They have also been set to change every setting available, meaning no stacking, no mixing, and no having to reset the image to its original state when choosing the perfect look for it.

They just give the aesthetic the preset should give, with a single click, every time.

Finally, the presets have been helpfully and memorably named to give you some idea of the look they’ll give your image.

The full list is as follows:

Vintage Contrast, Rose Tint, Blush Contrast, Dusk Mood, Street Contrast, Vert Punch, Burnt Hue, Vivid Colour, Sun Shower, Golden Hour, Flat Mono, Contrast Mono, Tokyo Mono, Gloss Mono, Yellow Filter, Orange Filter, Red Filter, Green Filter, Blue Filter.

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Modifying the Vintage Film Lightroom presets

Although each preset does include a low grain, mid grain and high grain version to give you the look you like, you may still want to make your own slight changes to them.

This may be the grain, or it may be the levels of contrast, vibrance, warmth, or shadows and highlights.

The good news is, you can.

Unlike apps like Instagram that just allow you to alter the overall strength of the filter, Lightroom lets you play with all the settings even after applying a preset.

You can even then re-save that as a new preset, effectively using these in the Vintage Film pack as a base to create your own.

If you’re paying money for something though, it’s understandable that you want it to work right out of the box.

That’s why the presets in the Vintage Film pack have been created with variety in mind, and with low, mid, and high grain versions of each preset included.

Get yours today!

Installing your Vintage Film Lightroom presets

Installing your Lightroom presets is pretty straightforward but to make it even easier for you, I’ll break it down into a list.

1. Extract the .lrtemplate files from the Zip and put them in a folder or on your desktop – anywhere that makes it easy for you to select them later.

2. Open Lightroom and make sure you’re in the ‘Develop’ mode.

3. Go to the ‘Presets’ window on the left of the screen and right-click anywhere on it.

4. Choose ‘New Folder’ and name it ‘Vintage Film’, or anything else you fancy.

5. Right-click again on your new folder and choose ‘Import’.

6. Select the files you extracted from the zip and select ‘Import’ on that window to import them straight into your folder.

7. Play around and find your favourites.

8. Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram and show me what you’ve made with them!  🙂




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