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What Is the Point of Sharing These Photographs?

what is the point of sharing photographs

Images shot with F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8 and processed with Vintage Film presets

These three photographs have been sitting on my hard drive for almost a year now and I don’t really have a story to tell with them.

So why am I sharing them now? What’s the point, really?

I wrote once about not posting your images straight away, about letting them stew a little, so you can better judge their quality by losing any effort justification bias.

But that’s not why I’ve never shared these before.

It was more because I didn’t know what to say about them.

They were taken at a place called Ciqikou, a tourist area in Chongqing, China, and are from the same visit to the city that yielded the bang bang men and Chongqing cable car posts.

I went to Ciqikou with the plan to take some photographs and write a travel blog post about the place, but never ended up doing so.

This was in part because the photographs weren’t very travelly, and partly because I couldn’t be arsed to write another dry travel post at the time.

Without the travel blog angle there was nothing else to really say about them, and so they sat on my hard drive until now.

So, the point of sharing them almost a year later?

Well, I have a few.

They range from meta to self-serving, and this post kinda just exists to talk about itself.

If you’re not a blogger yourself, you might learn something about why people like me do certain things on their sites.

They’ve kind of been in my way

I’d like to say these photographs have been sitting on my hard drive doing absolutely nothing, but that would be being too kind to them.

In truth, they’ve been annoying me with their presence.

As well as sitting in my to do folder, they’ve been sitting in my Lightroom library.

I’m the kind of person who likes to finish things and get them archived, meaning these photographs have been thwarting my attempts to achieve the Lightroom version of inbox zero.

So sharing and archiving them is another step closer to that.

Giving a shout to the F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8

I haven’t shot with the F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8 for a long time now but that’s what I took these photographs with.

Not using it in so long isn’t a remark on its quality because it’s a great lens. I’ve just been loving the Super-Takumar 28mm f3.5 for longer than I maybe should have.

I do need to get the F.Zuiko out at some point and give it a good dusting off but in the meantime sharing these photographs gives me a chance to give it a shout out and a link to the review of it I wrote.

Go check it out if you haven’t done so yet.

Pointing you towards my Lightroom presets

I mentioned Lightroom earlier.

It’s what I use to edit my photographs, and I’m increasingly using presets.

These three images were processed with one of my own presets – Street Contrast – from the Vintage Film pack, which gives me chance to remind you that collection is available to you too.

You could use the same preset on your images.

If you like the feel of them or are looking for some vintage film presets yourself, I do recommend you go check it out.

Content to share on social media

If you blog, every piece of content you produce should give multiple things you can post on social media.

Sharing these photographs in this post means having four things I can put out on social media – the three images and the post itself.

Yes, I could have shared the images on Instagram anyway, but I don’t like to post images on there without having something they can point back to here.

Let’s be honest; if you blog, a / the major aim of your social media is to get people back to your site.

If you came here from my Instagram or Twitter then I suppose it’s working.

Getting readers deeper into My Favourite Lens

There have been a lot of internal links in this post (but none in this paragraph).

Any bloggers reading this should know why.

Wherever you’ve arrived here from, and whether you’re a first-time visitor or not, I don’t want you to bounce.

I want you to go check out more of my stuff.

So sharing these three photographs means I can create a post that links to things I want you to go take a look at – because I think you might enjoy them and I believe you can get some benefit from them.

You going deeper into my site is good for both of us.

Creating something is always better than not creating anything

My final answer to the question what is the point of sharing these photographs is this:

Because creating this post is better than not creating it.

Writing it was a better use of my time than messing about on Twitter or Facebook. Create, don’t consume. Be active, not passive.

It’s about both the process and the result.

I like writing so I’ve enjoyed the process, and now it’s finished I can get a beer and feel pleased I wrote it and be glad the photographs are off my hard drive and out of my Lightroom library.

Maybe not many will read it, but the counter is on one at least if you’ve made it this far.

One is better than zero.

Speaking of numbers, I owe you a third photograph.



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