A Trip to Iran by Theo Santana [Kodak Gold 200 + Fujicolor C200]

theo santana trip to iran

This guest post from Theo Santana features some great work from a trip he took to Iran. Shot on Kodak Gold 200 and Fuijicolor C200, it gives a glimpse into life on the road between Tehran and Shiraz.

I’ve never really looked into going to Iran so these photographs gave me a little peek of what it might be like to do so. I’m a big fan of the environmental portraits he got and the story the pictures tell.

Come take a look, give Theo’s trip to Iran some eyeballs and love, and find out where else you can follow his work should you want to.

The Street Photography Look by Dmitri Tcherbadji [Ilford Pan 400]

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of street photography is presented in high contrast monochrome, but have you ever stopped to wonder why?

It’s now pretty much an accepted ‘street photography look’, but what are its origins? How and why did this look become a thing?

Dmitri Tcherbadji has a theory. It goes back decades, and stems from film photographers having to overcome a technical issue with their gear. Come read and learn what that is.