Say Hello and Wave Goodbye [Agfa Vista Plus 200]

Sometimes you sit down with a bunch of photographs to share and no idea of what to write about to go with them. It’s not often I do that, but this piece is one of those occasions.

That title comes from a Soft Cell song. It was later covered by David Gray. It also covers a few themes detailed in this post. The passage of time is one. As is a discontinued film. Also a new way to even write stuff for this website.

Come see what we’re saying hello and waving goodbye to, why, and whether these are good or bad things. Hint: I think they’re mainly good.

Agfa Vista Plus 200 35mm Film Review

Agfa Vista Plus 200

Agfa Vista Plus 200, perennial favourite of many a budget-conscious film shooter, is no more. Production has ended and stocks are dwindling.

So if you find some, should you hoard it while you still can? With its famous low cost, you may think the answer to that is a no-brainer. Not so fast, though.

As supplies run low, prices rise, and the question of whether it’s still worth buying is not so clear cut. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can give some thoughts in this review. Come read.

Longhua Martyrs’ Memorial Park, Shanghai [Agfa Vista Plus 200]

Longhua Martyrs’ Memorial Park offers a few things the rest of Shanghai doesn’t. Soviet-style communist sculptures and peace and quiet being the main ones.

It makes for a decent trip out of the city centre – especially when you consider Longhua temple is right next door too. Take your camera and perhaps even a picnic.

These are some shots I got from Longhua on Agfa Vista Plus 200 in the Yashica Electro 35. Come take a look and come learn more about the place before you visit.