The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 331 – 365

Look at that title. It has the number 365 in it. That means the #leesixtyfive project actually got completed. At no point was I 100% sure it ever would.

This update features the last batch of photographs along with some lessons learnt whilst doing the whole thing. If you’re doing a 365 project of your own, you might find some helpful nuggets here.

Come read, come see if the final images were any good or not, and come get inspiration and motivation for your own projects if that sounds like something you want to do.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 301 – 330

Number 11 of the planned 12 #leesixtyfive updates is here and taking us into the final stretch of the street photography marathon I decided to put myself through.

It features some shots from earlier in the project, as I needed to dig myself out of a hole and catch up, and some shot in the more correct time period for this chapter.

Come see how they look, my thoughts on them, and how the project itself is going with just one more update to go after this.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 271 – 300

I’ve finally done it, friends. I’ve finally gone and raided the archives to give the #leesixtyfive project the boost it needed. All 30 photographs in this update were taken at some point earlier in the year.

You may consider it breaking the rules of a 365 project. I can understand that. But y’know, my project, my rules. And they switched to 365 images in 365 days a long time ago.

Come check out this latest update to find out why the process of your own 365 project is the result, and to see if I’ll ever get mine completed in time.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 241 – 270

So we made it past the 250 mark. Although that doesn’t seem too significant a milestone when the target is 365… but it’s better than not making it to 250.

These descriptions are getting harder to write for these middle-of-the-project updates, although I’m happy I have the opportunity to have to come up with something.

In truth, photographs 241 to 270 aren’t the priority right now, even as I type this. Photographs 271 and onwards are. Come read and check out how I plan to get them in the coming weeks.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 211 – 240

Photographs 211 – 240 of the #leesixtyfive project, you say? And a write-up to go along with them? That’s exactly what we have here.

240 is a lot of photographs but the days are running short. I have a plan, though. Come see what that is and why it might make this thing more ‘Shanghai’ than I thought it was going to be.

Come in, come read, come learn how this instalment went, and come see if it can’t motivate you to do your own project too.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 181 – 210

china street photography banners

Chapter 7 of the #leesixtyfive project is here and itching for you to read it.

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t sure what to write about in this update, as not much has happened since the last one. Just getting out there and making 30 street photographs, really.

So there was no plan for this. No outline. I just wrote. Father John Misty came up, as did the numbers ‘64%’ and ‘85%’. Can you guess the significance of them? No? Probably a good idea to come read and find out, then.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 151 – 180

Welcome to the 6th update of the #leesixtyfive project. It’s great that you’re here. Great for a couple of reasons. The first is simply that you’re here, reading what I’m writing.

So if you’re reading, it means I’m still writing. And that means the project isn’t dead, which is the second reason i’ts great that you’re here.

Not for the first time, though, this update is overdue. In more ways than one. However, that’s actually good news. For you as well as for me. Come see why as I present photographs 151 – 180 of the #leesixtyfive project.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 121 – 150

#leesixtyfive 365 project shanghai street photography

Chapter 5 of the #leesixtyfive project is done, dusted, and ready to read.

It’s taken longer than expected to get to this stage, but that’s all good. I’m learning more from this project not quite going to plan than I would have otherwise.

Come see what exactly that entails and how it can help you with your projects too.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 91 – 120

the #leesixtyfive project

The 4th chapter of the #leesixtyfive project is complete!

It hasn’t been easy though, and certain difficulties have led to a small change in the creation process. We’re not stopping though, and evolution and learning are both good things.

Come see what happened as this 365 photography project reached 33% completion.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 61 – 90

Photographs 61 – 90 of the #leesixtyfive project are done, which gives me the chance to write you another update.

While the last edition talked about the 20-mile march, this one put it into practice due to me hitting a bit of a wall creatively. The motivation to make photographs waned a little but, thankfully, the desire to not quit the project prevailed.

Come read more about what went down, see the photographs the month produced, and get inspired to work on a photography project of your own.

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 31 – 60

365 project leesixtyfive my favourite lens

The #leesixtyfive project has passed another milestone, which means writing up another blog post.

This one covers photographs 31 – 60 and features some rambling on the Antarctic explorers Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, and Instagram hashtags. You’re going to have to come read it to see how those topics line up.

If you’re doing or thinking of doing a 365 project yourself, the message in this piece can help keep you going. I mean, it’s not like you’re trekking to the South Pole, is it. Is it?

The #leesixtyfive Project: Photographs 1 – 30

Confession time. Despite having this website all about vintage lenses and street photography, I haven’t actually been doing as much shooting as I could or should.

Perhaps I was burnt out. Or uninspired. I don’t know, but I needed a reason to go out more often with my camera. So, thinking that every day would probably be often enough, I started a 365 project.

Of course I then had to call it the #leesixtyfive project. This is how the first 30 days of it went down. Come read, come see.