A Shot in the Park [Kentmere 400]

Kentmere 400 isn’t my favourite film in the world, but I could only learn that for myself and know it for sure by shooting some. Part of the roll was shot in a park – hence the title.

Come see how it turned out and why I’m very happy I tried Kentmere 400, even though I generally prefer the results I’ve gotten from other films so far.

Kentmere Pan 400 35mm Film Review

Kentmere 400 is a film brought to you by the same people behind the iconic Ilford range, created to compete at the more budget end of the market.

That Ilford DNA is a great sign, but is it good enough to warrant picking up and shooting instead of the more famous and higher quality offerings from Harman?

Spoiler alert: yeah, in my opinion, for many people it is. Come learn why and a whole lot more in this comprehensive review of Kentmere 400.

Small City Street Photography [Kentmere 400]

Sometimes you have to get away from the sprawling metropolis and head for the small city. Especially when it’s Chinese New Year and you have people to visit.

While you’re there you may as well get in some street photography. That’s what I did, and on Kentmere 400 film no less. A stock I hadn’t shot before now.

Want to see how it turned out? Because you can. Come see the small city street photography, the thoughts surrounding it, and one simple way some of the shots could have been better IMO.