The First Roll from the Yashica Electro 35 GSN [Fujicolor Industrial 100]

Rangefinder film cameras aren’t always the easiest to get to grips with when you’ve never used one before. As you can see from the title, I’d never used one before I shot this roll in my Yashica Electro.

If you’re wondering how it went, you’re not too far away from what I was thinking while shooting. I had no idea how it was going either.

The short version is it finished better than it began, which is understandable as you get used to a camera. The long version is inside. Come read it.

Fujicolor Industrial 100 35mm Film Review

fujicolor industrial 100 film

Fujicolor Industrial 100 isn’t the easiest film to track down outside of Asia, and even in its native Japan you might find yourself having to buy in bulk.

The question is, is it worth doing either? You can find out in this review, which features the backstory, overview of image qualities, some technical specifications, and a fair few real world example shots.

Come have a read and learn all about this oft-unheralded film with the curious name and a distinctly minimalist white and green box.

Chasing Light in Qibao Old Town [Fujicolor Industrial 100]

qibao temple pagoda

Sitting out to the west of the city centre but still absolutely in Shanghai, Qibao old town makes a lovely day away from the shiny skyscrapers of China’s biggest metropolis.

If you’re going to go there, try to pick a day with fewer people. So neither a weekend nor a national holiday. Try also to pick a sunny day. Then you can take advantage of the light and get better photographs.

Trust me. I shot parts of Qibao – on Fujicolor Industrial 100 film – on both bright and overcast days. Come see the difference good light makes to your photography here.

A Few from the m50 Art District, Shanghai [Fujicolor Industrial 100]

m50, at Moganshan Road in Shanghai, is one of the city’s most iconic art districts. It’s also one of the only places in town you’ll find genuine street art.

I went there with the old Olympus Supertrip and a roll of Fuijfilm Industrial 100 to get a few shots, which you can see in this short essay.

Come take a look, find out how the m50 art district came about, and how you can get there if you’re in Shanghai and want to check it out too.

A Failed Photography Trip to Nanxun Water Town [Fujicolor Industrial 100]

Nanxun water town sits not too far from Shanghai, which makes it a good getaway from the city. It’s also a pretty photogenic place, if that’s what you’re into.

And if you are, you won’t want to make the same mistake I did which led to coming back with just four photographs – shot on Fujicolor Industrial 100 – to show for it.

Come read what happened, see how to avoid the same happening to you and why, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t really a failed trip at all.