A Spot of UrbEx in Shanghai [Kodak ColorPlus 200]

shanghai urbex

Images shot on Kodak ColorPlus 200 in Yashica Electro 35 GSN I guess it’s funny what different people do and don’t feel comfortable doing. For me, as most of my photography on this site shows, I was okay walking around Shanghai taking photographs of strangers. UrbEx in Shanghai, though. Urban exploration. Going … Read more

Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm Film Review

Kodak ColorPlus 200 is one of the cheapest colour films you can buy today. That alone should make it an interesting proposition to a lot of shooters – but only if it’s any good, of course.

I can tell you that it is. In relation to its cost, anyway. I can also tell you what results you can expect, why I like it for street photography, and its history and past incarnations.

But that’s all too long for this intro so you’ll have to come read the review to get that. Come on. Come learn.

Fishing for Eyes in the Good Light [Kodak ColorPlus 200]

Not the clearest article title there, is it? But it does describe what you’re about to read pretty well if you give it a chance. And that is a 3-step process for shooting the kind of images I like to shoot.

It’s not a hard thing to get your head around and you don’t need to do street photography for it to help you. It can be useful whatever you shoot.

Want to know what the process is? Then come take a read as we go through it from its logical beginning to end, and all illustrated with a bunch of street photographs shot on film using it.

Testing the Olympus Supertrip in Shanghai [Kodak ColorPlus 200]

Another new old camera, bought cheap in an English charity shop, and a roll of the only film they had in Tesco. Taken to Shanghai and tested out in the winter sun.

The images I got are presented in this article. There aren’t that many of them but what is here is worth seeing. I wouldn’t have shared them otherwise.

So come take a look and see how a camera that cost less than the roll of Kodak ColorPlus inside it fared on its first outing (I presume) in China.

Testing the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 @ Airport Square, Chongqing [Kodak ColorPlus 200]

We need to be honest here. Chongqing’s Airport Square is in no way a place you should ever visit. Chongqing the city certainly is. But spend your time seeing the good stuff in the city centre.

That said, Airport Square was good to me. It provided a nice little location to test out my new old camera – the Canon Sure Shot AF-7. The question is, how did the shots turn out?

The answer is in this post. So maybe you should come on in and find out. Please. Thanks.