Canon Sure Shot AF-7 Camera Review

This Canon Sure Shot AF-7 cost me less than the lunch I had before finding it in a charity shop. It cost less than each and every roll of film I’ve since put through it.

So at that price, it must be a heap of junk, right? No, not right. Maybe I have low standards (I definitely do) but it’s actually not bad at all for the street photography I shoot.

Come find out in this review if you should seek one out too, or whether you should take the plunge and spend your hard earned couple of pounds or dollars if you also come across one in the wild.

Shooting for the First Shitty Camera Challenge [Rollei Retro 400S]

shitty camera challenge

The Shitty Camera Challenge was pretty much as the name suggested. That was… to shoot with a shitty camera. You could use any film you wanted and then were to post the results to Twitter.

There was a suitably bad first prize, which I don’t know who won right now but I hope it wasn’t me, and lots of fun to be had on the #shittycamerachallenge hashtag.

For me, it was an excuse to get out again with the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 and try some Rollei Retro 400S for the first time. This is how it went. Come take a look.

The Beach and the Beer – a Qingdao Film Photography Essay [Ilford Pan 400]

Qingdao is synonymous in China for its beer, but there’s more to the place than drinking. Having said that, the Tsingtao brewery and beer street *is* a must visit if you’re in town.

So too are the beaches.

So with a single roll of Ilford Pan 400 to work with, I focused this photography essay on those two things – the beach and the beer. Come see how it turned out.

Shooting Ilford Pan 400 in Shanghai

More film photography, right here. And this time we’re shooting monochrome.

Ilford Pan 400 is a film available in Asia. It’s not expensive, but does that make it worth buying if you’re in the area? Or even getting some shipped if you’re not?

To find out, I shot some Shanghai street photography with it. Here, in this very article, you can come see how it turned out. Come one, come all. Come on. Come in.

Yuhuan – a Film Photography Essay [Ilford Pan 400]

Yuhuan is a small, industrial city on China’s east coast. I don’t think many people go there for the sightseeing.

I went there for a Chinese New Year and took my charity shop film camera and two rolls of Ilford Pan 400. I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to present Yuhuan as I saw it.

This film photography essay is the result of that. Come take a look.

Testing the Canon Sure Shot AF-7 @ Airport Square, Chongqing [Kodak ColorPlus 200]

We need to be honest here. Chongqing’s Airport Square is in no way a place you should ever visit. Chongqing the city certainly is. But spend your time seeing the good stuff in the city centre.

That said, Airport Square was good to me. It provided a nice little location to test out my new old camera – the Canon Sure Shot AF-7. The question is, how did the shots turn out?

The answer is in this post. So maybe you should come on in and find out. Please. Thanks.

My First Film Cameras

Despite shooting with vintage lenses 99% of the time, I’d never really thought about trying my hand at film photography. That changed when I picked up these two cameras and a couple of rolls of Kodak ColorPlus.

So how did that happen? What made me want to give it a go? And how did the pictures turn out?

Come find out in this post. Come on. Humour me.