Two Simple Black and White Film Photography Tips [JCH Street Pan 400]

Wherever you are with your photography, there will always be people who can learn something from you. There will also always be people who can teach you something new.

The two simple tips in this article might not be new to you, especially if you’re further along than me. But they can be useful if you’re just starting out and want to make your monochrome work better.

Whichever camp you’re in, there’s also some shots taken with the lovely JCH Street Pan 400 to look at here. So come and do that, if nothing else.

JCH Street Pan 400 35mm Film Review

jch street pan film review

JCH Street Pan 400 is a film brought to the market by Bellamy Hunt, who runs the Japan Camera Hunter website. As a resurrected surveillance film, it’s certainly got an interesting backstory.

It’s also not been immune to criticism, and nor has its creator, since it was announced and released in 2016, which is something I don’t really understand.

You either like a film and shoot it or don’t like it and shoot something else. Come read which camp I fall into in this review of JCH Street Pan 400.

Two Fishing Villages in Shitang, Wenling [JCH Street Pan 400]

shitang wenling

You’re never short of places to visit in a country as big as China, as towns like Shitang are constantly proving. To me, anyway.

Most people have probably never heard of the place but I can tell you it’s near the city of Wenling, which is also a place most people have probably never heard of.

Regardless, I went there and shot some JCH Street Pan 400 in a couple of the fishing villages. Come see how that turned out.