Oriental Seagull 100 35mm Film Review

When you do a lot of your film photography in Shanghai, the name Seagull is bound to jump out when you see it. That’s because Seagull brand cameras were, and possibly still are, made in and around the city. So when I saw boxes of Oriental Seagull 100 in a … Read more

Jing’an Sculpture Park, Shanghai [Oriental Seagull 100]

jing'an sculpture park shanghai

Jing’an Sculpture Park offers nice respite from the city outside its boundaries and good artwork to check out once inside them. It’s artwork that’s constantly changing too as new pieces regularly replace existing ones.

I loaded the Yashica Electro 35 with some Oriental Seagull 100 and went to make some photographs of the sculptures there when I was, along with some shots of the people who were too.

This is the write-up of those shots, and it features a sculpture that’s actually kinda famous in certain circles. European sculpture circles, I think. Come see what that is and everything more in this piece on the Jing’an Sculpture Park.