Ilford Pan 400 35mm Film Review

ilford pan 400 film review

Ilford is one of the biggest names in film photography and produce some of the most iconic and beloved stocks on the market today.

Ilford Pan 400 is not one of them. Instead, it’s a budget offering that’s only available in selected markets around the world. Selected markets that don’t include the US and the UK.

So depending on where you are, you might not get this in your local film shop. Should you still track some down and shoot it though? Come find out in this review.

The Beach and the Beer – a Qingdao Film Photography Essay [Ilford Pan 400]

Qingdao is synonymous in China for its beer, but there’s more to the place than drinking. Having said that, the Tsingtao brewery and beer street *is* a must visit if you’re in town.

So too are the beaches.

So with a single roll of Ilford Pan 400 to work with, I focused this photography essay on those two things – the beach and the beer. Come see how it turned out.

Shooting Ilford Pan 400 in Shanghai

More film photography, right here. And this time we’re shooting monochrome.

Ilford Pan 400 is a film available in Asia. It’s not expensive, but does that make it worth buying if you’re in the area? Or even getting some shipped if you’re not?

To find out, I shot some Shanghai street photography with it. Here, in this very article, you can come see how it turned out. Come one, come all. Come on. Come in.

Yuhuan – a Film Photography Essay [Ilford Pan 400]

Yuhuan is a small, industrial city on China’s east coast. I don’t think many people go there for the sightseeing.

I went there for a Chinese New Year and took my charity shop film camera and two rolls of Ilford Pan 400. I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to present Yuhuan as I saw it.

This film photography essay is the result of that. Come take a look.