The Fear of Success and Judgement of Your Photography [Ilford HP5 Plus 400]

I wrote a post before about whether success was – or could be – scarier than failure. I genuinely believed it was. And then I heard a statement that instantly turned that opinion on its head. It killed my belief in it.

Having a perceived fear of success could be holding you back, and it’s going to be harder to get over it if that’s not even what the real problem is.

Come read to learn what I now believe a ‘fear of success’ actually is and see whether this can help you if it’s holding you back creatively. What have you got to lose?

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35mm Film Review

ilford hp5 plus

Ilford is one of the very biggest names in the world of analogue photography, with some of its films being among the best-known and most-loved out there. The Ilford Pan 400 I’ve shot plenty of and reviewed before doesn’t really fall into that category, but much of the Delta and … Read more