Where to Buy and Develop Film in Shanghai

buy and develop 35mm film in shanghai

No doubt Shanghai is a sweet place to be shooting your film photography.

If you’re just visiting though, you might not want to be bringing rolls with you and taking them home again undeveloped unless you really have to. The good news there is, you don’t have to.

There are a few places you can buy and develop film in Shanghai – be that 35mm, 120 and other medium format, large format, 110 cartridges, and who knows what else.

But just as I can’t list each and every film available in Shanghai, neither can I make a post featuring each and every film lab in the city. I’m not giving myself the never ending project of updating it as places open and close. It would also mean listing places I can’t vouch for the quality of.

That’s why there are only a couple of options listed here. Because I’m relaying to you information on the places I’ve used and have been happy with.

An update: I no longer live in Shanghai, so some of the information in this post may have changed. Be sure to double-check addresses and things before setting off to any of these labs. Cheers. 🙂

Option 1: Weima Professional Photo, Shanghai

The first place I got film developed in Shanghai was Weima Professional Photo, in the Jing’an area. This was primarily as it was the most-mentioned option when I was first looking online for a place to go.

It’s got a few things going for it.

  • central location
  • good results and reliable
  • English-speaking staff
  • wide selection of film for sale

Weima Professional Photo location

Weima Professional Photo is about a five-minute walk from the Jing’an Temple subway station.

The address is Room 1322, 13th Floor, 309 Yuyuan Road, near Wulumuqi Lu.

You’ll have to find the right building, which is just a small lobby with a single lift, and go up to the 13th floor. The most direct way to get there from the nearest subway station is on the map below.

Because you might be in China and Google might not work for you, it’s a screenshot. If you can get on Google Maps, you can go straight to those directions by clicking here.

Step-by-step directions would look like this:

  • Take exit 1 at Jing’an Temple subway station, turn right, and walk north up Huashan Road until you get to the next crossroads.
  • Once you get there and see the Paramount ballroom, cross Huashan Road and head west down Yuyuan Road.
  • Keep going west until you get to Zi’an Mansion and see the doorway shown below, where you can ignore the 315 on the wall and go in anyway.
  • Take the lift up to the 13th floor.
  • Find Room 1322. 🙂

My experience at Weima Professional Photo

The following is my experience at Weima. Things may change and yours may differ.

First up are the good things about the place, and the first of those is the quality of service and level of reliability I’ve always got. I’ve never had any reason to complain with the job they’ve done. It’s just never been bad.

I know judging a business on they didn’t mess up rather than they did a great job isn’t the greatest eulogy but a reliable lab is important after I’ve spent my time shooting a roll. In the 10 or so opportunities I’ve given them to do so, Weima have never lost or destroyed my rolls or given me someone else’s photographs in error.

You can get your images printed or scanned at Weima, although I only ever do the latter so I can publish them on here. They can give them to you on a CD or you can leave a USB stick for them to use. The staff on the front desk speak English so you’ll have no problem communicating what you want to get done.

My photographs have usually been ready in four days, except for the last time I went when they were ready the next day. I don’t know why that was but I wasn’t going to complain.

Weima also has a couple of shelves full of film for sale, and a fridge with the expensive stuff in too. The selection includes Asian market stocks like Fujicolor Industrial 100 and spans the price range from the cheap Kodak ColorPlus to the not cheap relaunched Ektachrome.

So far so good, but there is a downside to Weima. That is that it isn’t the most cost-effective place to either develop or buy film in Shanghai. Whether that’s a deal breaker for you depends on your circumstances, and I’ll get into that more later in this piece.

Option 2: Film Park, Shanghai

Not to be confused with the film studio and theme park of the same name way out in Songjiang that dominates page one of Google for the search term, this Film Park is a photo lab nicely located in Shanghai’s French Concession.

This is what it’s got going for it.

  • good location
  • nice results and reliable
  • English-speaking staff
  • cheaper than other labs

Film Park location

Film Park is about a ten-minute walk from the South Shaanxi Road subway station.

The address is 140 Jiashan Road, Xuhui District. I don’t know their phone number but their WeChat account is at FILMPARK, according to the envelope I received my negatives in.

The address 140 Jiashan Road actually consists of a few alleyways with extra numbers on them. Film Park is located at the far end of the one numbered 1-5. The most direct way to get there from the nearest subway station is on the map below.

Because you might be in China and Google might not work for you, it’s a screenshot. If you can get on Google Maps, you can go straight to those directions by clicking here.

Step-by-step directions would look like this:

  • Take exit 6 at South Shaanxi Road subway station, go over the crossroads, and walk south down South Shaanxi Road until you get to the next crossroads.
  • Once there turn right and head west along Fuxing Middle Road until you come to a T-junction going south.
  • Take the T-junction, go south down Jiashan Road, and keep going until you get past the formerly lively Yongkang Road.
  • Look for the alleyways on the right-hand side of Jiashan Road and head up the one labelled 140 1-5.
  • Go into the studio at the very end, bear right through the C door, and know you’ve arrived when you see the cool keyring display on the wall.

My experience at Film Park

The following is my experience at Film Park. Things may change and yours may differ.

First up is the most obvious advantage it has over certain other labs in Shanghai. That advantage is the price. Specifically, processing is just cheaper at Film Park than at Weima.

As far as the reliability, I have no complaints with the film I’ve had developed there. However, at the time of writing, that’s only been one roll compared to around ten at Weima. That said, that doesn’t mean any future rolls I take there will have anything bad happen to them.

Other people I’ve spoken to have only said good things about Film Park so, while I’ve not personally used them as much as I have Weima, they do appear to be pretty reliable.

The service itself was pretty similar to Weima too. English-speaking staff, the ability to put my scans on a USB stick I left with them, and a three-day turnaround.

The main downside I see with Film Park is that – at the time of writing – they don’t sell film. Unless you want motion picture film, that is. But I don’t and probably never will.

I’m sure they have their reasons for this but it means they’re not the convenient one-stop shop they could be.

Thoughts on where to buy and develop film in Shanghai

While I can’t detail every film lab in Shanghai, there are a couple of analogous elephants to address in this analogue room.

The first is Taobao. If you just want to buy film at a low price, look on Taobao. I think you can also send your rolls off to Taobao accounts to have them developed.

In both cases though, putting your trust in these services is completely down to you. You might save money but I personally prefer to deal with people in person.

The second thing to mention is the couple of film shops at the huge Xing Guang Photographic Equipment market. I’ve bought some rolls from there and they were at a lower price than Weima. Not hugely cheaper, but still cheaper. The problem here is I’ve heard poor feedback of their processing services.

That’s made me not use them which means I can’t recommend them.

If we forget Taobao, it seems to me the physical locations I’ve used in one way or another in Shanghai can be summed up as follows:

  • Weima is a one-stop shop but is the most expensive
  • Film Park has cheaper processing but no film for sale
  • Xing Guang has cheaper film but apparently unreliable processing

If you’re wanting to process your latest exposed film and buy your next one, I think this in turn means:

  • if money is no object and you want to save time, go to Weima, do both and be done with it
  • if you have more spare time than money, buy at Xing Guang and develop at Film Park

I don’t know which of those best suits your circumstances. The former is more expensive but the latter involves more traipsing. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to do.

It’s worth saying again that there are alternatives to Weima, Film Park, and even Xing Guang in Shanghai. I just never tried them.

If you have a place you go to that hasn’t been mentioned here and want to give them a shout, do so in the comments below. We could then see about getting them added in.  😀

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32 thoughts on “Where to Buy and Develop Film in Shanghai”

  1. Not sure if you’re still in Shanghai. I live very near the Xinguang Mall so I’ve actually been using a place there recently without translating the name. To day, I translated their email and realized that they are a Weima.

    They have a lot of film stock stocked and processing is reasonable. My only complaint is that the preview scans uploaded to baidu are of pretty low resolution, but I’m planning on scanning my negatives anyway so not too worried about that.

    So, Weima now in Xinguang main building (Xietu Lu & Luban Lu) 3rd floor opposite the escalator.

    • Cheers for that, Fraser. I’m not still in Shanghai, no. Keeping this post up-to-date is challenging. Every new comment on it is someone telling me something has changed! 😀

  2. Hey, I know it’s been a few years since this was posted, but have you ever had trouble getting film handchecked in the subways? Whenever I visited my relatives, every station had an xray machine and I just got into film during lockdown here in Australia.

    • Hey Tao. No, never had an issue with that. I would usually carry my camera past the security in my hand or over my shoulder while my bag went through the x-ray machine.

      I did sometimes forget though and have some film in my bag as it got checked but that film always came out fine anyway. Unless they’ve changed the machines to those newer more powerful ones that some airports have, I think you’ll be okay.

  3. Hi – great post!
    Can you (or anyone) recommend anywhere who will process/scan/sell 120mm film? Do these two locations do this format as well?

    • Cheers Demis. Weima sell it, yes. So do the shops at Xing Guang. Film Park didn’t sell any film at all when I went there.

      I haven’t shot 120 yet so haven’t had any developed but I don’t see why these places wouldn’t do it as well as 35mm. 🙂

  4. Ugh, I live out in PuJersey so I’m trying to find something out here near Zhangjiang or Guanglan Metros; anyone know of anything out here in the boonies?

    • No idea Brian but I know you can send them in to the Film Park place mentioned in the article, if that helps. Have a look at filmpark[dot]taobao[dot]com 🙂

  5. Hi, thank you so much for this post I have been looking around to develop film this post is help a lot

  6. Hi there! Thanks for your post,but why are prices not indicated? The small kodak shop in xingfulu wants to charge me a ridiculous amount (100rmb per roll,develop+scan, and i have 8 rolls!!!!) So i’m desperately trying to compare to see if they are not ripping me off… how much did it cost you at Weima for 1 roll of film? In Hangzhou Painting Heroes charged me 30 rmb for developing + scan which is my reference,though I do expect Shanghai to be more expensive ( not three times though!)

    • Hi Kim. Thanks for reading and getting in touch.

      Weima is 40 RMB for colour negative and 50 RMB for black and white negative. That’s to scan them onto a USB or disc, no printing. When I went to Film Park it was 25 RMB for colour negative although I’ve not done black and white there.

      I did mention those colour film prices in the article. I’ll make them more prominent and add the black and white ones too.

      The reason there are no other prices on the article is that none of the places I went to had a visible price list and there are so many variations of what’s available (films, processes, sizes etc) I didn’t want to stand there asking them to reel them all off to me.

      That’s especially true as they’re going to change at some point and then the information here will be wrong, so I’ll have created myself a couple of huge lists that I’m going to have to periodically check back with the shops on if I want the information to remain accurate.

      That’s not a job I want to give myself when I don’t know if it’s even helping enough people to make the effort worthwhile (it probably won’t be) and people can contact the shops and ask the specific thing they want to know anyway.

      Good luck with your rolls though. What are they btw? Either Weima or Film Park should be able to help you out for less than 100 RMB each. 😀

      • Hello Lee , can you please give me the WeChat for Weima .I stay in wuhan so I can’t go personally to their company ..im trying to send the films I have directly to them .

        • Hi Marlvern. I don’t have their WeChat. You could call their number, they speak English if you don’t speak Chinese.

    • Sorry mate, have never been to Wuhan so would only be Googling to answer you. Hope you find somewhere though. 🙂

  7. I hope you allow free speech on your site and don’t censor my comment. But man, this post is monstrously disappointing for film shooters in Shanghai looking for where to develop film. Weima has some of the highest, if not the highest prices in the city in 2018. It reads like it’s CLEARLY a sponsored post, like you worked out some deal to get a discount for writing a blog post about them. Tell me I’m wrong, please. This doesn’t help people who can’t afford to drop a ton of money on each roll.

    • Hi Sean. I’ve got no reason to delete your comment. It’s fair, not abusive, and actually good feedback for me. So thanks for that.

      Just briefly, I can tell you you’re wrong, as you requested, about it being a sponsored post. I stated that at the top.

      I also said there are alternatives I haven’t been to and your comment has made me think I should remedy that. Especially if this post is being received as something other than what it was intended to be.

      Can I ask which place(s) you go to and recommend? No worries if you don’t want to say but you’ve made me realise I should get my next rolls developed at some different places. I can then add sections for them to this and make it more of a round-up than a post about just one shop.

      Thanks again for the feedback.

  8. Hi,

    I went there and they changed the address one month ago (end of August!).
    Their new address is No. 309 Yuyan Road 10th floor 1011 room,
    like 8 min from the old location.

  9. Hey thank you for this post. Heads up, as of October 2018 they have moved to…

    愚园路309号 (紫安大厦), 1011室

    Room 1011, 10th Floor
    309 Yuyuan Road, near Wulumuqi Lu

    Phone is still 62482187

    • Thank you. 🙂 I went a couple of days before you posted this and saw they’d moved! Have to update the post now…

  10. Moving to Shanghai next Wednesday, and I’m a massive 35mm photographer, this blog has just saved me allot of worrying. Thank you so much ! Great to know some home comforts hobbies can still continue 🙂

    • That’s great, Taryn. 🙂 Really glad this post helped you. Enjoy Shanghai. It’s a good place to be shooting film!


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