Circles in Chiang Mai [F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8]

Images shot with F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8

Choosing a theme is a great way to motivate, inspire, and improve your photography.

It gives an instant injection of purpose, and helps you to see elements of mundane objects that you may never have though about shooting before.

I’ve written about this in more detail here – Photography Themes – and recommend you go take a look at that post to gain a deeper understanding of who should choose photography themes (everyone, including you) and why (because it will elevate your photography).

The theme for the set on this page, taken during a day walking around Chiang Mai, Thailand, is Circles.

Unlike many of my other picture sets, I’m not going to speak too much about these.

I hope they can speak for themselves.

If not, perhaps it will be a good exercise for you to read them for yourself, with no real direction or input from me.

Take your time. Don’t just find the circle and move on. Stick around and see what else is in the photograph, what other elements of composition (if any) are there.

Is the circle the main subject or the background? Would you have even noticed them if I hadn’t told you that was the theme?

Since publishing this, I submitted the Beetle picture from this gallery to a site called Artsocket, which used to sell images as high quality wall prints.

If I hadn’t been specifically looking for Circles for this gallery, I might have walked straight past the Beetle without giving it a second thought.

Pick a photography theme – you never know where it might lead… although I’d love it if you told us.

Share your own experiences of shooting with a theme in the comments below.


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Choosing a theme before going out shooting is a great way to give a reason to shoot things you maybe normally wouldn't, to give meaning to a set of photographs, and to help train your eye to see the smaller details wherever you may be. The theme for these pictures in this set, taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is Circles.

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2 thoughts on “Circles in Chiang Mai [F.Zuiko 38mm f1.8]”

  1. Nice concept, and photos. I am going to give it a try too. I got one of those really old, well used scales too the other day. Looks good with a vintage filter. Hmmm maybe scales could be a thing too, any excuse to vist the markets is good for me.

    • Cheers! Yep, always good to give yourself a little theme if you don’t know what to shoot. Gives inspiration while you’re out and also holds them together as a set afterwards. 🙂


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